How to submit your plasmids to the MR

Before you start this process contact the PSI:Biology-MR scientific liaison. Please take a moment to look at a slide show outlining general information about the repository and submission process.

Three steps in submitting plasmids:

  1. Gaining permission from your institution to include the plasmids in the repository for distribution under specific terms (the Depositor Agreement). This agreement has already been signed by all of the PSI institutions. Find more information about this agreement here.

  2. Compile your clone data using the templates and guidelines outlined below and submit it to the material repository for review.

  3. Submit your samples. Please DO NOT submit samples until we confirm that i) your data is entered into our databases and ii) we are ready to receive your samples.

If you are not part of PSI but are interested in submitting plasmids to the material repository click here for more information.

Submission Guidelines

We have standardized our submission process. This information is outlined in the following files. Please read through each of these documents before you start.
Last Updated April 17, 2012.

  1. Submission Checklist. This document will guide you through the submission process. The items in this checklist highlight a variety of problems we have frequently encountered.
  2. Submission Format. This document outlines the information we need regarding your plasmids. It also describes in detail the data format that is compatible with the parsing software that transfers this information into our sequencing and database programs. The current document has evolved after much iteration and discussions with several PSI sites and the Knowledgebase team. If there are elements here that do not work for you, please contact me for further discussion. Click here for examples of completed data files and examples of mistakes to avoid. We have also developed an Excel template that you can use for entering and submitting your data.
  3. Definitions for annotating CDS sequences. This document describes how to identify the NTSeq, relevant CDS, and linker sequences to input into the data tables. This document addresses the questions we have encountered from various sites about how to annotate their sequences.

For PSI centers submitting more than 300 plasmids:
If you are submitting over 300 clones, please submit one test 96-well plate of data and samples, so we can work through the process with you before you send all of your plates.