Required Submission Files

Clone Location

This file identifies which clones are in which well on which 96-well plate. Here is an example of this file. Some things to keep in mind when creating this file are:

  • Make sure the Unique clone IDs are unique.
  • Have the well location in the format of A01, A02, A03 etc. Here is an example of the well location map.
  • If you are submitting multiple plates combine all the information into one file
  • If you have empty wells, in the UniqueCloneID column write "NEGATIVE_CONTROL". If there are wells containing clones that you do not want us to analyze, write "POSITIVE_GROWTH_CONTROL"

Clone Information

This file provides information about your clone, including the insert sequence, mutations in the insert, expression of the gene, and linker information (the sequence flanking the insert that also should be sequence verified. Here is an example of this file. Some things to keep in mind when creating this file are:

  • If we do not already have the information about the vector these clones are in (listed here), please send us the vector information using our vector submission template.
  • Learn more about how to define the nucleotide sequence, CDSstart, CDSstop and linker sequences in this document.
  • If a particular clone has more than one PDB ID, list them in multiple columns labeled "PDBID_1," "PDBID_2," etc.
  • New fields in Version 19 that are not included in this example are (1) Sample type (DNA or glycerol stock) and (2) Clone format (closed or fusion) is required

Clone Gene Info

This file provides information about the gene insert in this clone. Please keep in mind that the more complete the the information in this file will mean that we can present a more complete annotation on DNASU for researchers. Here is an example of this file. Some things to keep in mind when creating this file are:

  • Any description of the gene provided in this file will help researchers looking at your clones on DNASU easily see what the insert does.
  • Be sure to write the complete, non-abbreviated name of the Genus and Species.
  • TargetTrack IDs are required because this allows us to link our clones to the Structural Biology Knowledgebase.
  • Please note whether you are providing the nucleotide or protein GI or Accession number. Please be sure to include at least one of these reference sequence identifiers.
  • New field in Version 19 that are not included in this example is the collection, pathway or biological theme identification for your plasmids

Optional Submission Files

These files should be included if you have additional data to include for your clones such as links to species specific links, additional clones authors, and publications.

Species Specific URL

If you include a species specific ID in the Gene Info Table, such as a TAIR ID or SGD ID, use this table to provide the URL so that we can link each clone to the information on the appropriate website. See an example of this file here. Please be aware that the URL should link to the detailed information provided for the species specific ID< not just to the general website.

Author Files

Two optional author files can be included. We will ALWAYS automatically include the PSI and your PSI Center name as authors. If you have additional authors for individual clones, these can be listed in the Clone Author File. Contact details for each additional author can then be provided in the Author Info File.

Publication Files

If a clone has been used in a publication, these can be listed in the two Clone Publication Files. The first lists the Clone ID and the PubMed ID as in this example file. If a clone does not have a publication, it does not have to be listed. The second file contains the PubMed ID and the title of the publication as in this example file.

If you have any questions about these data files, the formatting or the information to include, please do not hesitate to contact us.