PSI Sample Processing Progress

Four high-throughput, 9 membrane, and 14 biological partnerships have submitted thousands of plasmids for sequencing and subsequent distrbution through the PSI:Biology-Materials Repository. See details for current processing status.


The PSI-Materials Repository received over 95,000 plasmids from PSI high-throughput and membrane centers. Nearly all of these plasmids have been process and over 65,000 are available to request through DNASU. See details for current processing status.



Sample Processing

Clones that are sent to the PSI:Biology-Materials Repository progress through several quality control steps before they are made available for purchase through DNASU. Clones listed as "in process" are at one of the following steps:

  1. DNA from each clone is transformed into phage-resistant bacteria, a single colony is picked, and a glycerol stock is made.
  2. DNA is prepped from the glycerol stock.
  3. Each clone is sequenced.
  4. Sequencing results are analyzed to verify that the correct clone is in each well and that the correct insert is in each clone.
  5. Plasmids without that did not sequence the first time or did not get fully sequenced are put into our salvage pathway for more sequencing.
  6. If necessary, accepted clones are rearrayed to create full 96-well plates of clones.
  7. The information about each clone is uploaded into DNASU, and clones are made available for purchase.

If you are from a PSI center that has received returned data about "no match" or "rejected" clones from the PSI:Biology-MR, see here for more information about what this data means and what to do next.