How to find and order plasmids from the MR

All PSI plasmids are distributed from the DNASU Plasmid Repository located at Arizona State University.


Searching for clones

  1. Register (why do I have to register?)
  2. Search for clones using various search criteria
  3. Add your clones to the cart
  4. Check out by clicking the "View Cart" link at the top of the page

How much do clones cost?

Click here for clone prices.

To purchase clones

Payment Options:

  1. Purchase Order Number to be paid for by check or wire transfer (wire transfer incurs a $25 additional fee)
  2. Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard)

Shipping Options:

  1. Provide us with your FedEx number.
  2. $15 flat rate for domestic orders and $30 flat rate from international orders.

A 6.3% tax added to all orders from Arizona (excluding Arizona State University)

Delivery and MTAs

From the time you place your order to the date you receive it should be no more than two weeks. This accounts for the time required to have an MTA signed by your institution. If you want to expedite this process in the future contact us. We have developed an expedited process MTA that your institution can sign and in the future only an electronic signature will be required. See here for more details.