Advantages of Depositing your Plasmids in a Repository

  1. Decreases the time and effort required by your laboratory to send plasmids to scientists.

  2. We store and maintain your plasmid stocks. This means that our repository can function as your backup plasmid stock in case your stock becomes contaminated, lost, or otherwise discarded.

  3. We annotate and distribute information about your plasmids. This is particularly useful when researchers leave a laboratory because you will have all the plasmid's data (along with the sample) stored in one place for future reference.

  4. You no longer have to deal with the material transfer agreements (MTAs) that are usually associated with the transfer of plasmids because we take care of that for you.

  5. Once your institution signs the Depositor's Agreement, which sets forth the terms for us to distribute your plasmids, anyone at your institution can deposit with us without additional negotiations.

Advantages of Depositing with Us

  1. We charge the less than any other repository per plasmid or 96-well plate. This means that researchers interested in your plasmids will not have to spend a considerable amount of money to receive these essential materials.

  2. We have a quick turn around time. Typically within a week from when we receive the fully executed MTA (depending on how many clones are ordered).

  3. We have detailed annotation pages for each of our clones, which are manually curated by a PhD level scientist.

  4. We have pioneered an Expedited MTA process that allows institutions to pre-approve the terms of the material transfer for the majority of our entire collections. Thus, a researcher will not have to go through the timely process of getting an MTA signed before we sent them the plasmid.

  5. We provide personalized attention. If you ever have any questions or problems, the scientific liaison of the repository is available by email.

If you are interested in starting the deposition process with us, click here for additional details or email us.